Darren Aronofsky to Direct Music Video for Lou Reed and Metallica


Mark this one down under things we’re a little concerned about. Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky — who’s currently wrapped up with his Noah graphic novel release and plans for an upcoming film epic — is going to direct a music video for Lou Reed and Metallica’s “Iced Honey.” The song hails from their recent collaborative album, which has broadly been described as a horny, ear-piercing mess. Lulu was inspired by German playwright Frank Wedekind’s work of the same name — and tells the story of a seductive dancer who sleeps her way through German’s social circle, only to turn to prostitution later in life. Aronofsky’s cinematography partner Matthew Libatique is also on board, and the always cranky Reed hopes the video “can be [Aronofsky’s] next Black Swan.” We’re not entirely sold on all of this, but let us know what you think below. Click past the break if you’re brave (or bored) enough to listen to “Iced Honey.”

Metallica & Lou Reed – Iced Honey by Ricardoseelig on Mixcloud