Read a Charming Letter from Harper Lee to a Fan


We imagine that Harper Lee still gets quite a bit of fan mail, despite the fact that her only novel was published over 50 years ago. But we’re also fairly sure that the To Kill a Mockingbird author, one of the most reclusive writers of the 20th century, hasn’t made a habit of answering it. That’s why it’s such a treat to see a typewritten response from Lee to a fan’s letter about the book, sent only a few months after the novel’s publication in 1960. The brief message addresses a fellow Alabaman’s inquiry about the fictionalized places in the book. “You ask me where Maycomb County is, where the Landing is — the only answer I can give you is that Maycomb County is in my heart and the Landing is in my imagination,” Lee writes. She also includes a playful (and entirely unilluminating) sketch of Maycomb County. See a photo of the letter after the jump; if you have ample disposable income, you can bid on it here.

[via GalleyCat]