See a Portrait Made From 500 Photographs of the Same Face


Flickr self-portraitist clickflashwhirr has been taking a picture of herself in the same position (and with the same expression) every day for over 500 days. The concept is nothing new, of course, but instead of compiling the images into a minute-long video set to her favorite Death Cab for Cutie song, she averaged all the shots into one strangely compelling fake face. The actual composite was done by Tiemen Rapati, who says he “simply [counted] the individual RGB values for each pixel and for each portrait, and [divided] those values by the number of portraits.” The resultant image isn’t particularly noteworthy in itself — it just looks like a nice, soft-focus vision of a girl — but the idea that it’s an amalgamation of more than a year of someone’s face, and as such represents a person that never actually existed on any given day is pretty interesting. [via Geekologie]