The Best and Worst of Last Night’s ‘SNL’ with Charlie Day


Saturday Night Live came back after a three week break with a relatively good episode hosted by frantic cult favorite Charlie Day. Day was certainly enthusiastic, and we admit we were pretty charmed by his opening monologue, but we think SNL just didn’t know quite how to use him, and we ended up not liking most of the skits where he was featured prominently. However, the show as a whole was better than many of the others we’ve seen this season, so we’re not complaining too much. Click through to watch our picks for the best and worst skits of last night’s Saturday Night Live, and let us know if you agree or disagree with our assessments in the comments.

The Best:

Rick Perry on Weekend Update

We can usually count on Weekend Update to be one of our favorite parts of the show, and this week Bill Hader brought it up a notch as usual — not as Stefon, but as Rick Perry… drunk. Topical, hilarious and filled with great comments like “I’m so bad at talking, Seth.” Also there’s a Hawaiian girl dashboard ornament.

Greek Gods

Though this is definitely a case of an idea that was better than its execution, we were still charmed by the abject nerdiness of this skit and its occasional sparks of brilliance.

Kings of Catchphrase Comedy Tour 2

Like most ensemble pieces, some cast members pull their bit parts off better than others. All in all, it’s an exercise in so-embarrassing-for-them-it’s-funny, and though we started off cringing, we ended laughing. We also appreciated Charlie Day spoof of Dane Cook.

Kim’s Fairytale Divorce

We usually find SNL‘s Kardashian skits just about as annoying as the actual Kardashians, but this was a relatively good one. Though we have to admit, it made it onto the list mostly for Andy Samberg’s portrayal of Kris Humphries, which is hilariously cruel.

The Worst:

Cold Open: Muammar Gaddafi’s Ghost

We never thought that making fun of Gaddafi could ever feel as gross as Fred Armisen makes it, gleefully shouting, “they tore me a new one — literally!” Yikes. Plus, it wasn’t last week, it was like two weeks ago. Just saying.

Ask Dr. Oz

One extended overlong poop joke? Not even Bill Hader can convince us of this.

Crime Scene

Sure, the Seinfeld allusions were mildly funny, but mostly it just seemed like Charlie Day screaming the whole time. In fact, his performance just made us think that the whole thing would be a good deal funnier if his part was played by Danny DeVito, who made a cameo during the opening monologue.