Iggy Pop Is the Face — Er, Torso — of Paco Rabanne’s New Fragrance


What does Iggy Pop smell like? If you believe his latest advertising campaign, the answer is Paco Rabanne aftershave — because, as of today, Iggy is the face of the veteran Spanish designer’s new fragrance. He’ll apparently be featuring in a range of TV commercials for the perfume next year, but for now, all we’ve got as evidence is this photo, which has been doing the rounds of fashion blogs this morning. If it was anyone else doing this, we’d probably be lambasting them for shamelessly selling out — but just look at the expression on Iggy’s face. He doesn’t look especially pleased to be there, does he? And also, why does the fragrance come in a bottle that’s apparently the size of a man’s head? The world of fashion is endlessly confusing. [via Dangerous Minds]