Kicking the Ice Bucket: Handy Wine Chilling Alternatives


The story of a perfectly good bottle gone wrong starts and ends here: “Folks, who brought the warm bottle of Sauvignon Blanc to the party?” Unfortunately, if there’s no time for proper refrigeration before you head out to a shindig, your options are pretty limited. No one wants to pay extra at the wine shop for a cold bottle, and sticking it in the freezer for a few minutes doesn’t always do the trick (although wrapping it in a wet towel first helps a lot). Luckily for the time-pressed winos among us, producing an instant cold bottle of vino is far from impossible. Here are a few affordable ways to chill your not so chilled bottles of red, white, or rose without the bags of ice or wishful thinking.

Skybar’s frozen Wine Chill Drops chill wine glasses or champagne flutes up to 20 times faster than the refrigerator. Is it us or does it kind of look like a smoking pipe?

The icicle-inspired Corkcicle quickly chills an entire bottle of wine from the inside. Just be careful, kids: it also looks like it could put your eye out.

A portable wine cooler, the Ravi Instant Wine Chiller cools wine as it passes through the mechanism’s inner frozen tube. This one looks like it could be difficult.

And we’ve saved the most simple solution for last: the Chill It, a simple freezable bag designed to keep wine and champagne bottles chilled.