Quote of the Day: The Upper East Side = Jazz and Tiny Dogs


“I’d heard from some kids I knew who went to Bard that the Upper East Side is a charming neighborhood inhabited by ancient, well-appointed relics of a glamorous bygone era, or like a Woody Allen movie maybe, with jazz and tiny dogs. And a park almost twice the size of McCarren Pool. But I’m what you might call a bona fide Brooklynite, in that after I graduated from Hampshire I moved into the McKibben lofts, after the first time but before the second time New York Magazine mentioned them. I’ve been to Park Slope — how exotic could the Upper East Side really be?”

– Remember that piece on vanityfair.com last month that I found so irritating? Well Alex Pareene does a much better job of skewering it for Vice than I did in a fantastic piece that’s entitled “In Which I See Art and I Can’t Handle My Shit.” Read it.