The Week in Cheese-Related Headlines


First a confession: When I was a little girl, there was nothing I loved more than the government cheese at my grandmother’s house. Delicious. I’ve been hooked on dairy ever since. And I’m sure that most of you are too. Except the vegans. While I know that you don’t have the energy to visit the 116 hot spots on this funny Wisconsin Cheese Map (tempting idea for a road trip though, isn’t it?), but you do have time to click on the links below. Nom nom.

* Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling Contest [Via] * “Cheesus”: Tasty snack or religious icon? Or maybe he’s both. [Via Consumerist] * Stinking Bishop officially Britain’s smelliest cheese [Via Guardian] * Troy Landwehr to carve Lincoln Memorial out of a 640-pound block of Wisconsin cheddar [Via Post Crescent] * Grilled Cheese, Argentine Style [Via Serious Eats]