Is Indie Music Just One Big Animal Pun?


Yes. Here it goes.

1. You fool! That’s not Advil… that’s Ratatat poisoning!

2. Do you have Cat Power? Or more importantly, have you walked your Dr. Dog lately?

3. Yo, I heard the Wolf Parade was sick last weekend… who knew murderous woodland creatures could be so organized?

4. Chicago’s Pitchfork Zoo opened today, but their Animal Collective is seriously lacking. What d-bag thought it would be a good idea to have only one Panda Bear? I give it a 7.4.

5. Alright, who’s the son-of-a-bitch that threw a Deerhoof at my face?

6. Staunch advocates of Grizzly Bear rights have seen to it that every Deerhunter within one mile of Brooklyn has been promptly executed. Critics fear that mass rioting will threaten the zoo’s Department of Eagles.

7. Paul Wilson, 19, lost several limbs in a bitter cage fight with a group of feral Fleet Foxes, a Tortoise, and one disgruntled Phoenix.

8. The Arctic Monkeys were such a cold and bitter race… I was waiting to use that fact! The Discovery Channel is, like, soooo cool!

9. Half man, half animal — all badass. Andrew Bird and Patrick Wolf were resurrected last Sunday after the world’s first successful animal-to-human heart transplants.

10. I hate that Band of Horses. It’s animal cruelty at its finest. But I gotta admit, they are f*cking phenomenal at Guitar Hero.

Go ape crazy. Write your animal band pun below.