Fast Food Mascots as Gangsters


We all know that fast food is bad for you. But what if, instead of slowly consigning you to a drawn-out, heart disease-related death, it bumped you off execution-style, or coated your feet in concrete and dumped you in the river? That’s the apparent premise behind Fast Food Mafia, a poster by Andrew Shirley that pictures famous fast food mascots and spokespeople as mafiosi. There’s slicked-back Papa John (who was pretty much born to be a gangster), Burger King’s blinged-out monarch, and even the black widow of Dairy Queen. But, as ever, the scary clown wins — Ronald “The Don” McDonald doesn’t look someone we’d want to cross. If you could stand to sleep with that guy hanging over your head, you can buy the print at deviantART for the bargain price of $7 plus shipping. [via Jay Mug]