Susan Stockwell’s Victorian-Inspired Gowns Made of Maps and Money


Artist Susan Stockwell weaves British history throughout her collection of extravagant paper-made gowns. Her life-size dresses, like her other installations, comment on global commerce and geography through makeshift fabric constructed out of a variety of currencies and antiquated maps that span the globe — showcasing the British Isles and the Scottish Highlands in particular. The silhouettes the English sculpturist recreates nod towards the Victorian era, with expertly worked ruffles, enormous puff sleeves, and the illusion of overflowing petticoats that were influenced by ensembles female British explorers donned during the 1870s. Marvel at a few of Scotwell’s creations below, and check out more of her work at her website.

Susan Stockwell, The Empire Dress, paper, maps, glue, 2005

Susan Stockwell, Highland Dress, paper maps, 2010

Susan Stockwell, Money Dress, paper money notes, cotton thread, frame, 2010

Susan Stockwell, Colonial Dress, maps, wire, glue, 2008

Susan Stockwell, Paper Tiger, rice paper, wire frame, 2008

[via Upon A Fold]