10 Seriously Strange Celebrity Talk Show Appearances


A post Jenny Craig (sorry, Jenny) Mariah Carey paid The Rosie Show a visit yesterday. The pop diva opened her talk show appearance by arriving on a giant, suspended disco-glittery moon. This is the same woman who played her own 1995 live performance of “Fantasy” during the birth of her new twins Moroccan and Monroe so they would be born to the sound of applause. (Yes, really.) The singer’s awkward lunar landing calls to mind many celebrity talk show appearances where the stars veered off topic — sometimes avoiding it completely — and humiliated themselves in front of the world with oddball behavior and confusing conversation. Click through to revisit some seriously weird celebrity talk show moments, and let us know who you’d add to the list below.

Nicolas Cage recounts feline magic mushroom adventures on Letterman

We know you’re probably thinking: “Bizarre celebrity appearances and Nicolas Cage? Never!” but Cage and his hair paid David Letterman a visit last year to promote family film The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Naturally, the actor opened the show revealing that he took mushrooms with his cat Lewis. Sporting some of the worst facial hair ever, the star explains that deep into his psychedelic trip, he was convinced the cat was really his brother.

Crispin Glover karate kicks a confused David Letterman

King of weird Crispin Glover arrived on Letterman in 1987 dressed as reclusive loner Rubin Farr from the Trent Harris film Rubin and Ed. The actor was actually appearing on the show to promote River’s Edge, but the power of platform shoes and a bad wig compelled him to make a grand fashion statement. The show takes an unusual turn when the Back to the Future alum starts to channel Andy Kaufman and begins ranting about the press, but Dave clearly doesn’t get the jokes. After Glover nearly karate kicks the gap-toothed host in the face, he cuts to commercial, then returns to pout angrily about the entire experience — a moment that ends up being far more amusing than Glover’s antics.

Tom Cruise freaks out on Oprah

Tom Cruise jumped the couch on Oprah in 2005 when he performed a gymnastic interpretive dance about his relationship with actress Katie Holmes for audiences. No one bought it, everyone parodied it, and the actor hasn’t been able to separate himself from the strange incident since.

Yoko Ono Caterwauls on The Mike Douglas Show

Host Mike Douglas invited John Lennon and Yoko Ono to co-host his talk show in 1972 where the famous couple hung out with the likes of Black Panther Bobby Seale, Ralph Nader, and George Carlin. Chuck Berry also made an appearance, and Lennon graced the stage with the rock and roll guitarist performing an unusual rendition of “Memphis, Tennessee.” Yoko joins in on the mic, and well … things get interesting. Note Berry’s eyes ready to jump out of their sockets.

Christopher Walken asks Regis Philbin on a date

The wonderfully weird Christopher Walken wants to take a bath at Regis’ house, eat a tuna sandwich, and take a walk in the woods with the TV talk show host. Eat your heart out Kelly Rippa.

Meg Ryan feels awkward about her career and shoes on Parkinson

Michael Parkinson was dry and cranky when he spoke to Meg Ryan on his talk show about being in the spotlight and her experience as a would-be “journalist.” Ryan wasn’t exactly friendly and forthcoming either, and the two engage in a strange tête-à-tête that goes on for far too long. The whole thing ends with some kind of weird wardrobe appraisal.

Oliver Reed on every talk show he ever stumbled onto

Wily gentleman (and sometimes outrageous drunk) Oliver Reed made several memorable appearances on television talk shows where he danced, sang, and discussed the merits of his genital tattoo. When asked why he drank the Tommy actor explained, “Because the finest people I’ve ever met in my life are in pubs.”

Andy Kaufman takes on a wrestler during Late Night

Andy Kaufman’s famous duel with wrestler Jerry Lawler goes down in history as one of the best, but strangest, pranks pulled on TV. The duo staged a battle on Late Night with David Letterman, which wasn’t revealed to be a gag until 10 years after Kaufman’s death. However, the performance started in the wrestling ring where Lawler gave Kaufman a broken neck. While the injury was real, the slap across the comedian’s face on Late Night was not, unbeknownst to Dave.

Jean-Claude Van Damme hides his erection on Brazilian TV

Jean-Claude Van Damme relived his moment as a dancer in 1984’s Breakin’ when he appeared on Domingo Legal in 2007. The Brazilian television show boasts a whirlwind of acts and celebrity chats. The Bloodsport star was given a warm welcome by a singer who performed a little bump and grind with JCVD. Commence the act of a movie star engaging in some extremely embarrassing and very public dry humping.

James Brown loves cocaine on Sonya Live in L.A.

“The Godfather of Soul,” James Brown, appeared on CNN’s Sonya Live in L.A. in the late ’80s to talk about allegations of assault against his wife, but the hardest-working man in show business wanted to chat about being single instead. Brown told host Sonya Friedman that he “smelled good” and “made love good.” When Sonya tried to cut the hilariously weird convo, Brown let loose a whole lot of love.