Liam Gallagher Wants to Make an Oasis Movie … Again


Liam Gallagher is currently developing a screen adaptation of Richard DiLello’s Beatles book, The Longest Cocktail Party , but the musician took time out of his schedule to let The Independent know that he’d be interested in making an Oasis biopic. Gallagher previously expressed an interest in being the focus of a new film when he was interviewed for his own website (ugh), clothing label Pretty Green. “Sometimes, when we’ve had a few drinks, we sit about telling stories and talk about putting them in an Oasis film. I’d be up for that … But I’d start it with Paris. I wouldn’t want it to end on such a bummer. I’d start at the end and work my way backwards,” he recently told the British newspaper.

By we, Gallagher of course means his former bandmate and brother Noel who he’s had a famously contentious relationship with for years. As pompous as the whole affair would probably be, Oasis’ history is filled with turbulent tales that seem perfect for the big screen. There’s that obnoxious moment of heckling on MTV Unplugged and the crystal meth tambourine assault, for starters. EW speculates on who might be able to tackle the roles of the English frontmen. Is there anyone you would add to the list?