Whatever Happened To… Mayim Bialik


Welcome back to Whatever Happened To…, a weekly column where we unearth a pop culture personality from the deep, dark recesses of your over-stimulated psyches. Because nostalgia is fun! For this third installment we present you with Blossom. Errr, we mean Mayim Bialik. Note: This is kind of cheating because we just found out from Pop Candy that she’s going to be featured on the season premiere of What Not To Wear tonight. Because she’s a mother of two now and dresses like a total bag lady. Or as Stacy London says in the promo, “She looks like a wilted flower.”

Seriously, see the video teaser below. It gave us chills; it was like watching one of our friends get put on the show.

So what else has she been up to since Blossom was canceled in 1995? Not a lot. There was a small indie flick called Kalamazoo? and cameos on shows like Curb Your Enthusiasm (where she played a lesbian) and Fat Actress (where she played herself). She was also in an episode of Bones and will play a Hasidic Jew on Saving Grace. Which is the long way of saying tune in tonight for the biggest television role that Bialik’s had in a loooong time.

Why should you still care? Because you know all of the moves to this: