10 Awesomely Fake Music Videos from Film and TV


Every now and then, we’ll come across a “successful” fictional musician that — you got it, releases a full-length music video for an original song within their respective film or TV show. Unlike the fake music videos that merely string together inconsequential scenes from footage we’ve already seen, the ones we’re noting are tiny, ridiculous masterpieces in themselves. Want some lovin’? Rex Manning’s got a whole music video about bringing it to your front door. Need a pink-haired Jonathan Rhys Meyers to glam up your life? We’ve got that, too. Kick back and enjoy as some daring actors fulfill their inner pop star fantasies in these over-the-top, awesomely fake music videos, and sorry in advance for getting these silly songs stuck in your head. You may proceed.

“Say No More (Mon Amour),” Empire Records

With lyrics like “lips are for kissing, baby, say no more,” can you blame Liv Tyler’s Empire Records character for falling in love with Rex Manning? He’ll answer your English questions in French, toss wine in your face, and essentially tell you to be quiet so he can t’adore all over you. It’s been said before, but “oh Rexy, you’re so sexy.”

“Go For It,” Saved By the Bell

Check out Hot Sundae, the band your favorite Saved by the Bell girls formed when Kelly Kapowski wanted to break into the music business. So, which do you prefer, Hot Sundae or Zack Attack?

“The Ballad of Maxwell Demon,” Velvet Goldmine

Here we find Brian Slade and his purple go-go-boots getting particularly groovy in “The Ballad of Maxwell Demon.” What’s your favorite part of this Velvet Goldmine music video? When Jonathan Rhys Meyers smokes out of the longest cigarette holder known to man? Or when the guy who blued himself rocks out on guitar? We’re partial to the intro, where a furry-pants Ewan McGregor winks and hops into a chimney.

“Let’s Go to the Mall,” How I Met Your Mother

Fun fact: Robin from How I Met Your Mother hates malls. Why? Because it’s all she sang about as Robin Sparkles, Canadian teen star extraordinaire. Once her secret pop past was revealed, we were treated to a Canada-tastic “Let’s Go to the Mall” music video. And in case that’s not enough Robin Sparkles, here’s her her token ballad, “Sandcastles in the Sand.”

“African Child (Trapped in Me),” Get Him to the Greek

Haven’t seen Get Him to the Greek? Well, here’s Aldous Snow and his beloved Jackie Q. getting their insensitivity on in Infant Sorrow’s “African Child” music video. Is your kitchen prone to the occasional fly? According to Aldous, you probably have an African child trapped in you, too.

“Christmas is All Around,” Love Actually

Billy Mack, resident Love Actually pop icon, is joined by a slew of sexy Santas for his “Christmas is All Around” music video. Because — well, what screams “Merry Christmas” better than stripper poles and fire? But when push comes to shove, Uncle Bill teaches us that you should always blow off Elton John’s holiday party for the ones you love. What a guy.

“Forever,” Full House

Remember when this was almost the music video for Jesse and the Rippers’ “Forever” in 1992? And when Steve was the voice of Aladdin, released a few months later? We’re on to you, Full House.

“PoP! Goes My Heart,” Music and Lyrics

The folks behind Music and Lyrics set the tone for Hugh Grant’s character as a washed-up pop star by opening the film with this “1984” masterpiece, and we’re pretty okay with it. Have fun getting this song out of your head, kids. Your hearts will be PoP!ping all day long.

“Smelly Cat,” Friends

Have you ever had a run in with a foul-smelling cat? As we all know, Phoebe Buffay has, and in a Season 2 episode of Friends, a record producer helped her make a music video about it.

“Werewolf Bar Mitzvah,” 30 Rock

We’ll end this list with the short but unforgettable “Werewolf Bar Mitzvah” music video from Tracy Jordan. If you don’t immediately think to yourself, “Boys becoming men, men becoming wolves” at any mention of a bar mitzvah, you need to watch more 30 Rock. Listen to the full spooky song at CollegeHumor.