Hans Zimmer Wants Your Help on ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Soundtrack


Academy Award-winner Hans Zimmer — who has worked on over a hundred films, including The Lion King, Gladiator, and The Dark Knight — is not only prolific, he’s also one of the film industry’s most talented composers. That’s why we find it especially intriguing that he has decided to crowdsource “a worldwide chant” that will play a part in his forthcoming soundtrack for The Dark Knight Rises. How experimental! We’re guessing that the chant, which you may recognize from the teaser trailer, will feature in one of the Bane-related pieces of music in the score.

So, what if anything, does this reveal to us about Christopher Nolan’s top-secret project? As Darren Franich over at Entertainment Weekly points out, “everything we’ve seen of Rises seems to indicate the movie is about some sort of full-scale uprising, with Bane as a kind of warlord. Something about Zimmer’s phrase ‘a worldwide chant’ makes me wonder if the movie is somehow going to tap into the current global wave of anti-government resentment…Following this metaphor, Bane represents anarchy, Batman represents authoritarianism, and Catwoman represents, I dunno, hedonism.” We’ll have to wait until next summer to see how the mass recording figures in to the finished product, but in the meantime, head over here if you’re interested in getting involved with the project. [via Pop Culture Brain]