Re-gender Your Webpages with the New ‘Jailbreak the Patriarchy’ Chrome Extension


Imagine a world where we completely reversed the way we talk about men and women. Sound a little strange? Well, yesterday Jezebel clued us into a new gender swapping extension for Chrome called Jailbreak the Patriarchy. Created by Danielle Sucher, the tool does exactly what it sounds like it should — swaps ‘woman’ for ‘man’, ‘he’ for ‘she’, ‘his’ for ‘hers’, etc on any webpage to which it is applied (it won’t, however, regender names — Sucher writes that “changing people’s names all over the web would blur reality to the point of inconvenience,” and also counts herself “charmed by the way it makes the entire world feel a bit more genderqueer”).

Depending on the webpage in question, the results can be hilarious, thought-provoking, or totally irrelevant. For instance, Jezebel tried the tool with an article on, with these fun results: “You hear this over and over again: Nice girls finish last. Men just don’t want a nice girl; they want the jerk, the bad girl. So you think to yourself, “I’ve got to learn how to be a complete player. I’ve got to learn how to put men down. I’ve got to learn how to not call him, how to make his want me. I’ve got to play games. I’ve got to create attraction that way — that’s what’s going to work.” So, what’s the verdict — fun, culturally necessary, or totally pointless? Let us know what you think in the comments!