Follow WWII in Real Time on Twitter


History buffs, we have a feeling you’ll be into this one. Our newest obsession (discovered via the ever-illuminating kottke) is following tweets from WWII — as it happened on the same dates and times 72 years ago, of course. A recent tweet, from a series of Lt. Gen. Alan Brooke writing in his diary about ‘yesterday’s’ Armistice Day service at the Canadian Memorial at Vimy Ridge in France: “I suppose that it is through such punishments that we shall eventually learn to ‘love our neighbours as ourselves.'” It’s interesting enough on its own, but we can’t help but think how that war, or maybe just our perception of it, might have been different if the social networking tools that exist today had been around, if only for the sheer wealth of up to the minute information that would have been available. Or maybe nothing would have been different! What do you think?