Pic of the Day: All of the Photos Uploaded to Flickr in 24 Hours


We spend so much time uploading and browsing through pictures online that it’s often impossible to conceptualize how our gargantuan online photo albums compare with the few paper ones remaining on our shelves. Artist and photographer Erik Kessels has changed that by curating part of an exhibit in the Amsterdam avant-garde photography museum Foam that makes the vastness of the Internet’s photo collection tangible and visible. Kessels printed out every photo uploaded to Flickr within a 24-hour period and dumped them all in the gallery’s rooms, covering the space with mounds of amateur and professional photographs taken all over the world that flow through multiple exhibit rooms and give us a gorgeous idea of just how extensive our culture’s photography database is. The image above represents just one part of one day of Flickr’s pictures. [via Craft]