Boyle’s In Hiding, Ripa’s Abiding [TV Gossip]


Late-blooming crooner Susan Boyle has gone into hiding in order to prepare for her performance on Britain’s Got Talent. That, or she got lost in the forest and was eaten by an evil witch. [Via NYM]

Jon & Kate Plus 8 is being investigated by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor in response to a complaint about child labor violations. As we learned from Full House, for every child-age television character, the work should be split up among two siblings. So unless there are 16 of those babies switching in to play the “plus 8,” there’s something fishy going on. [Via EW]

Recent statistics suggest that Kelly Ripa may be more popular than Oprah. So if you follow the credo of “don’t mess with Oprah,” that should go double for Ms. Ripa. She has no qualms about cutting you. Which is why the diet company that used her likeness without her permission should be very, very afraid. [Via EW]

Don’t worry, Chris Engen didn’t quit The Young & The Restless because he’s homophobic and he didn’t like that his character was gay. No, no, no, silly. He left because acting on a soap’s gotta suck. [Via TVSquad]