Art Inspired by John Waters’ Favorite Muse, Divine


As you may have noticed, we at Flavorpill are big fans of John Waters and his dear friend and muse, Divine. Earlier this year, we even paid tribute to the late drag star and cinema legend with a roundup of style lessons we learned from the demented fashion icon. But we have to admit, our own paean to Divine pales in comparison with The Melt Gallery’s Pretty? Pretty? A Divine Art Show . The group exhibition collects art inspired by Divine, from straight-up portraits to faux comic-book covers to a Pink Flamingos-referencing jar of “Divine’s Old Fashioned Dog Turds.” Fans in Los Angeles only have a day left to check out the show, which closes November 17th. Meanwhile, we’ve posted a gallery of our favorite pieces after the jump; you can see a lot more at the show’s Facebook page. And if you’re interested in buying any of the work — like, say, if you wanted to get us that awesome Divine lunch box — you can call the gallery at 323-851-7223.

D. W. Frydendall, Portrait, acrylic on canvas, 25” x 316”. $1500

Kirk Scroggs, Babs Box, lunchbox with applied graphics, 9” x 7” x 4”. $150

Johnny Ryan, The Many Faces of Filthiness, ink and markers on bristol, 12” x 16”

Ed Luce, Divine Comics #1, mixed media on board, 18” x 24”. $600

Dan Goodsell, Divine Comedy, ink, 8” x 8”

Tom Neely, divine, watercolor on board, 20” x 26”

Johnny Ryan, Divine’s Old Fashion Dog Turds, mixed media, 5” tall. $5000

Jim Rugg, Divine Wonder, pen on notebook paper, 13” x 16”. $400

Deanna Rooney, Smoochies, acrylic on masonite, 10.5” x 13”. $300

David Staples, Not Just Another Pretty Face, mixed media, 12” x 16”. $200