Marjan Teeuwen’s Crammed Spaces and Deconstructed Buildings


As diehard design minimalists, looking at photos of Dutch artist Marjan Teeuwen‘s work gives us the same feeling that we get when we happen upon an episode of Hoarders — we’re totally uncomfortable, and yet we can’t turn away. Granted, these crammed and claustrophobic spaces are the result of artistic intent, as opposed to unresolved psychological issues, with the objects in her installations pleasingly grouped by function, color, or texture. Each piece requires a team of technicians and students to execute, and in certain cases, the more complicated architectural interventions — which involve removing walls and stripping interiors — can take several months to complete. Click through to check out a few photos of her work, as well as a fascinating behind-the-scenes documentary that shows Teeuwen in action.

[via Colossal]