Quote of the Day: Zach Galifianakis’ First “Character”

“While still in high school, Galifianakis developed what he considers his first full-fledged comic ‘character’: an effeminate redneck, with a wildly exaggerated lisp, whose mother warned him about coming into physical contact with black people. ‘The black kids at school loved it,’ he told me. ‘They used to bump into me in the hallway, just to hear me go into my bit.'”

– New York-based novelist John Wray (who we interviewed here) profiles Zach Galifianakis in this week’s New York Times Magazine. We spotted Zach at Fette Sau a few weeks ago, where he was dining with John Hodgman(!); we got super excited and did this weird fist pump/salute thing in his direction, and he did it right back. WE. LOVE. HIM. The Hangover opens in theaters this Friday.