IMDb Angrily Speaks Out Against Anonymous Lawsuit


Remember that ridiculous lawsuit that an anonymous actress filed last month? She was angry with film info archive IMDb for posting her real age and legal name in her profile — you know, like they do with everyone else. She claimed the company had screwed up her career — something she fought hard to protect against age discrimination (which is a sad truth unfortunately). IMDb is finally speaking out about the matter and want nothing to do with the “selfish” and “frivolous” lawsuit. They’re filing a motion to dismiss all charges and are wondering why the judicial system is helping someone lie to the public. “The perpetuation of fraud, even for an actor’s career, is inconsistent with these principals,” the company said in their motion. With threats flying between both parties, where do you fall on this matter? Head to TRH for an in-depth look at the legal speak, and share your thoughts below.