Lady Gaga’s Old LES Apartment is Now On the Market


If you were ever wondering where Lady Gaga — or to be more precise, Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta — spent some of her formative years in Manhattan, here it is, you’re in luck. Gawker pointed us towards Miss Germanotta’s old Lower East Side apartment, a tiny one-bedroom 176 Stanton Street, nice enough (though we sort of doubt this was the decor when she lived here), and altogether too small to fit even one element from any of her current favorite costumes. But good news for those of you who are gaga for Gaga: the apartment is renting for $1,850 a month, which is actually rather reasonable for that neighborhood, hopping as it is. Plus, not only will you be renting hundreds of places Gaga might have touched, stepped on, or licked, the apartment also features “french doors, a marble bath, and a spacious floor-plan.” Click through to see more photos, and then, if your interest is piqued, check out the listing here.