Awesome Infographic: Do You Live in the Twilight Belt?


According to literary recommendation and social reading site Goodreads, there is no more divisive book than Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight — at least for the people who use Goodreads, that is. Not only does Twilight top both their user-created Best Books Ever and Worst Books of All Time lists, but the company has found that for the more than 880,000 Goodreads members who have read the book, opinions about it are pretty well split along state lines. As they point out, the “map of what each state thinks of Twilight ends up looking a lot like a map of the most recent election results.” We can’t say we’re surprised, exactly, but it’s a little wild to look at the country’s inclinations this way. Do you fit in with your state or are you your own tastemaker? Let us know in the comments!