Visual Representations of 15 Over-Used Movie Poster Clichés


Have you ever felt like you’re seeing the same movie poster over and over again? Well, you are, in a way. As it turns out, film posters have several very simple tools (color, text size, figure placement, etc) to signify what kind of movie they’re advertising without you really even having to read its name or tagline. The ever-observant Roxane Gay linked to this article over at HTMLGiant, which led us to these incredible visual representations of some of the movie poster clichés and tactics that are reused over and over (and over) again, masterfully compiled and designed by Christophe Courtois. Click though to see fifteen incredibly repetitive movie poster design clichés, and let us know if you can think of any more!

To signify that your movie is a “big independent film,” go for a super-saturated golden yellow.

There is only one color of dress for romantic comedies.

The ultra-dramatic back-shot, for the lonely hero and probably vigilante. If he’s wearing a hat, he definitely has a concealed weapon. If not, it’s a toss-up.

Yikes. Clearly the enormous, looming eye is mostly for horror films.

Movie posters about animals tend to be sapphire. There’s also all that thin, white text in capital letters, and often pairs of figures in profile or from the back. And hey, a huge white moon can’t hurt.

The blindfolded hero must face justice.

Tom Cruise has a very attractive profile.

Photobooth faces with overlaid text denotes that the main character is the most important thing in the film, and they’re probably super awesome.

How do you properly express your tough-love relationship? By standing back to back!

A silhouette in front of the ocean, with faces floating in the clouds, all in pastel colors? This movie will be really touching and poignant, you guys.

Any black and white poster with a shock of red flame is trying to tell you it’s an action flick, and that you can expect more than four explosions…

… whereas the black and white with red block text is more comic book-esque, high style with a weaponry focus.

If someone is running down the street, that street should probably be blue. Also your movie should probably be some kind of thriller.

We happen to like most of these — posters dominated by faces created out of film elements — but you can’t deny that seeing them all lined up like this takes a little of the air out of them.

Um, these movies probably have a sex scene. Or at least one hot girl.