The Morning’s Top 5 Cultural Stories


1. That whole Eminem/Bruno stunt at the MTV Movie Awards was completely fake. [via Daily Mail] 2. Jimi Hendrix’s former roadie claims that the music icon was murdered by his manager — who’s conveniently dead as well. [via NME] 3. Winona Ryder confirms a Heathers sequel, with Christian Slater returning to play an “Obi Wan character.” [via Perez] 4. Conan’s inaugural joke: “I have to admit I think I’ve timed this moment perfectly. Think about it: I’m on a last-place network; I moved to state that’s bankrupt; and tonight’s show is sponsored by General Motors.” [via NYT] 5. JD Salinger is suing the German author of an unauthorized Catcher in the Rye “sequel.” [via Guardian]