Incredible, Hyperreal Paintings of Vintage Board Games


This Thanksgiving, when you bring the family together for a few board games — which will ultimately result in a screaming match, because someone always cheats — let these hyperrealistic paintings of classic board games by Tim Liddy distract you from the nostalgic aftermath. Painstakingly rendered with incredible detail, Liddy’s works capture the graphic beauty of vintage tabletop pastimes. The series is also a fascinating look at the cultural and social milieu of the time period that each game hails from — with a particular focus on the 1960s. Classic games such as Life, Monopoly, and Candy Land are painted on copper in the exact dimensions of the original. Liddy then manipulates the metal to mimic the box’s cosmetic damage — so you get all the rips, stains, scribbled note-making, and frustrating tears that old games accumulate over the years. The artist even paints the yellowed Scotch Tape that holds the cardboard corners together. Click through for more of Liddy’s incredible paintings of vintage board games.

Tim Liddy, circa 1954

Tim Liddy, circa 1955

Tim Liddy, circa 1966

Tim Liddy, circa 1953

Tim Liddy, circa 1959

Tim Liddy, circa 1957

Tim Liddy, circa 1960

Tim Liddy, circa 1966

Tim Liddy, circa 1924

Tim Liddy, circa 1966