Listen to Two Radiohead Demos from 1986


Anyone who knows the history of Radiohead knows that before the band were called Radiohead, they went by the uninspiring moniker “On A Friday.” There’s been some On A Friday-era material floating around for ages, but this weekend two early, early previously unreleased demos surfaced on YouTube — they were apparently on a tape given to the uploader’s husband, who went to school with various members of Radiohead in Oxford, and were recorded way back in 1986. The two songs date from before Johnny Greenwood joined the band, and they’re interesting listening, although it’s scarcely believable that the musicians responsible for these songs would make OK Computer a little more than a decade later — “Everybody Knows” comes with a chord sequence that sounds troublingly like Boston’s “More Than a Feeling,” while “Girl in the Purple Dress” has a saxophone solo. A saxophone solo! Apparently there are more songs from the tape coming. In the meantime, you can hear these two tracks after the jump. Let us know what you think!

[Poptart, What’s Our Mission? via Spin ]