Video of the Day: Divas Talking About Divas


The media loves a good diva-on-diva rivalry — which is probably why they’re always asking Mariah about Whitney, Britney about Christina, and Lady Gaga about, well, everyone. So it’s about time that fourfour’s Rich Juzwiak has compiled the endless clips of divas talking about divas into a ten-minute supercut that is both fun and illuminating. For the most part, the women are complimentary of one another despite being goaded to say something snarky. The claws do come out a few times, though; at one point, Janet Jackson says that, unlike Madonna, “What I do has class to it.” But it’s Christina Aguilera who hits the nail on the head towards the end of the video, when she points out, “It just sucks that, as women, we have to deal with that sort of comparison thing that men don’t necessarily have to.” Watch the supercut after the jump.

[via Popdust]