Sleevefaces Reenact Classic Album Covers


Sleeveface is a simple concept: grab your favorite album from your vinyl collection (preferably with the artist’s portrait on the cover), position yourself behind the LP so that your body lines up perfectly with the image, and snap a photo. The phenomenon became so popular that Welsh DJ Carl Morris and his collaborator John Rostron even published a collection of the best photos — Sleeveface: Be The Vinyl . They also host a website where you can submit your own sleeveface. There’s some debate about who actually created the first one, but some say it started with Huey Lewis and the News’ 1982 album Picture This, which boasted a Huey sleeveface. Click through to see who took on the Bee Gees, David Bowie, Amy Winehouse, and more.

Image credit: jmauerer [Spotted via Voices of East Anglia]

Image credit: Nicolas Graebling of Rock On Wall and family

Image credit: Shaolin Drunken Monk

Image credit: Yvan Lévêque

Image credit: Rich Jimenez, Ace Frame, Corey Romero, Alison Calvin

Image credit: Frédéric Derose-Jacques

Image credit: Robbi Humble / Jon Imhoff

Image credit: Dustin Geddes