What To Expect When You’re Expecting “Mad Men” Season 3


Ever since Mad Men began filming its third season in May, we’ve hardly been able to think about anything else. How can we be expected to concentrate knowing that somewhere out there, Jon Hamm is dressed as Don Draper, wearing a well-tailored suit and provocatively smoking a cigarette? Today we came across an online promo for Season 3, set to premiere in August. Check it out after the jump, and read on for the top five reasons can’t wait for the return of Mad Men.

Warning: Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen all of Season 2!

1. When Season 2 premiered, the show’s timeline skipped from late 1960, just after Kennedy’s election, to 1962, the golden age of Camelot. What year will it be when Season 3 begins? We’re banking on post- or just pre- Kennedy assassination, just to ratchet up the tension.

2. We also can’t wait to see what kind of crazy ad campaign AMC rolls out to promote the third season. Last year, they outfitted several subway car interiors to look like they might have in the early ’60s. Taking the shuttle from Times Square to Grand Central ever morning, it felt like there was a chance that Joan Holloway herself might saunter onto the train.

3. Pete is a weasel and Peggy is a suck-up, but god help us, we’re totally rooting for them to wind up together. In Season 2’s finale, Pete admitted to Peggy that he never should have married Trudy, and Peggy responded by confessing that she had Pete’s child and gave it away. Gossip Girl is great and everything, but those characters have probably all been on the pill since they were 15, so nothing quite this juicy ever happens.

4. They’re adding new people to the cast! Jared Harris freaks us out a little bit, but we’re sure they’ll give him something interesting to do.

5. We practically died of glee when Jon Hamm did a guest stint on 30 Rock, but let’s be real, his floppy hair just didn’t do it for us. Long live Don Draper’s perfectly gelled coif!

[Via Basket of Kisses]