McDonald’s Gets an Extreme Makeover in France


There are plenty of not-so-good-for-you reasons to visit McDonald’s, but the ambiance isn’t usually one of them — that is, unless you happen to be in France. There, the fast-food giant recently commissioned furniture designer Patrick Norguet to give its franchises a much classier and more contemporary new look. Think less plastic seating in kid-friendly colors, more like you’ve stumbled into the kitchen furnishings section of an Ikea.

“Norguet’s interiors are mature, with splashes of colors applied at intervals of white walls, substantial materials such as plywood cabinets and carefully-chosen upholstery, and even digital screens from which to place your order,” writes Samuel Medina at Architizer. “Enclaves of familial privacy are created by means of full-height walls and circular booths, so that families may sit together enjoying their meal.” He also points out that since customers are spending more for their meal in France (around $9), they tend to want to take their time while they eat. Click through to check out some photos from the first store in Norguet’s series, and let us know if these swankier interiors would entice you to linger over Le Big Mac there.

[via Curbed]