Watch a New Errol Morris Short About the JFK Assassination


Forty-eight years ago today, John F. Kennedy was assassinated. In “The Umbrella Man,” a new six-minute short that Errol Morris made for The New York Times, the Academy Award-winning filmmaker interviews Josiah “Tink” Thompson, the author of Six Seconds in Dallas, the 1967 book which details a three-gunman theory for the killing. “For years, I’ve wanted to make a movie about the John F. Kennedy assassination,” writes Morris in his director’s statement. “Not because I thought I could prove that it was a conspiracy, or that I could prove it was a lone gunman, but because I believe that by looking at the assassination, we can learn a lot about the nature of investigation and evidence. Why, after 48 years, are people still quarreling and quibbling about this case? What is it about this case that has led not to a solution, but to the endless proliferation of possible solutions?” Click here to watch his interview with Thompson now. [via Slashfilm]