Blind Item: Who’s Leaving ‘The Walking Dead’?


A freshly-posted blind item on TVLine has left us wondering if there’s about to be a serious casting shakeup on everyone’s favorite zombie drama, The Walking Dead. “The backstage drama all started when series creator Frank Darabont was ousted,” they explain. “A whole lotta people were upset, you’ll recall, and this one person, so much so that he/she asked to be released from his/her contract.”

But here’s where it gets really interesting: While the actor in question is apparently no longer interested in leaving the show, it may be too late for him/her to be saved. Whoops. Any guesses who they might be talking about here? A few commenters over at TVLine have pointed out that Jeffrey DeMunn (Dale), Melissa S. McBride (Carol), and Laurie Holden (Andrea) have all worked with Darabont on previous projects, and are thus more likely to have made the gesture out of loyalty. Others are convinced that it has to be one of the child actors. We’re also curious: At this point, if you had to pick a character to be written off the show, who would it be? Let us know in the comments below!