Web Series ‘Broad City’ Comes to FX with Amy Poehler


FX will be bringing former Upright Citizens Brigade’s Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer’s web series Broad City to television, with the help of former SNL member Amy Poehler. The Parks and Recreation actress will be executive producing the comedy team, who are set to continue writing and starring in the series. Twenty-something BFFs played by Jacobson and Glazer ” … [navigate] their way though the mundane situations that we all call life … each moment, however, is distinctly Abbi and Ilana.” Poehler has appeared on the series before, which you can catch a glimpse of past the break. As Deadline reports, this is just one of several off-beat comedic shows that the network has been promoting. They also host It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and the down-on-his-luck Louie. Are you looking forward to seeing more from these ladies?