‘8-Bit Christmas’ and Other Tees We Want to See


We spotted this awesome 8-bit Christmas tee, which is currently in the running to be made on Threadless’ website. As you know, the Threadless community allows people to vote, score, comment on, and share designs they want the indie tee company to print. Tim Shumate’s Super Mario Bros.’ inspired t-shirt currently holds the top spot. It’s like argyle, for gamers. While we were there, we noticed some other cool designs that we’d like to see made. Click through, and vote on the ones you like. Feel free to show us the great ones we may have missed, too.

Image credit: TimShumate [Spotted via trendhunter]

Image credit: Bramish

Image credit: Mat Pringle

Image credit: pinkstorm

Image credit: kooky love

Image credit: TangYauHoong

Image credit: randyotter3000

Image credit: nathanwpyle