Was Turntable.fm Just a Passing Trend?


We still remember the first time someone linked us to Turntable.fm — it was, after all, only a few months ago. For weeks, we whiled away hours, at home and in the office, virtually DJing to real-life friends and Internet strangers alike. But, over time, the novelty wore off. We’d played all the deep cuts we’d been saving up, and we’d long since racked up enough points to earn our avatar the cat costume we’d been eyeing. Most of all, we really just wanted to go back to listening to full albums again.

Apparently, our experience was not unique. Digital Music News is reporting that Turntable’s traffic has sharply declined in the past few months. After a high of around 250,000 unique visitors in July, the site’s user numbers had dropped to a mere 50,000 by October. And Turntable’s buzz has died down, too, with Google searches peaking in late June and nearly flatlining four months later. DMN points out that licensing issues are keeping the service from going international and growing its audience, but the question remains: Can Turntable find a way to sustain our interest, or will it become just another Internet toy that got old? [Graph via Digital Music News]