Iain Heath’s Incredible, Geeky Pop-Culture LEGO Sculptures


We were sold on the work of LEGO sculptor Iain Heath the moment we spotted his Freddie Mercury portrait at Super Punch. So we were thrilled to find that he’s got an entire Flickr site full of incredible, pop-culture LEGO constructions. Although there are a few funny political caricatures (Sarah Palin, Arnold Schwarzenegger), Heath specializes in recreating the nerdiest of characters and celebrities: Stephen Hawking, Futurama, Monty Python, Star Wars, the anime films of Hayao Miyazaki. Geeks, rejoice, in the gallery of our favorite Heath sculptures after the jump, then visit him on Flickr to see much, much more.

Iain Heath, Freddie Mercury

Iain Heath, New Cooker Sketch/ Ministry of Silly Walks. See more of Heath’s Monty Python sculptures here.

Iain Heath, Totoro! See more of Heath’s Miyazaki sculptures here.

Iain Heath, Sarah Palin

Iain Heath, Hit Girl & Kick-Ass

Iain Heath, Mighty Boosh: “Ice Flow”

Iain Heath, Futurama Characters

Iain Heath, Stephen Hawking

Iain Heath, Yoda. See more of Heath’s Star Wars sculptures here.

Iain Heath, Arnifornia