Kanye West, Jay-Z and Thom Yorke Celebrate Obama’s Historic Win


Musicians like Obama: KANYE WEST and JAY-Z made a song about Obama’s win and leaked it yesterday. “WE MADE HISTORY” is supposed to appear on Jay-Z’s forthcoming album BLUEPRINT 3. THOM YORKE is also in on the post-election euphoria, remixing his 2006 “HARROWDOWN HILL” to celebrate the president-elect. As of last week, it’s been available for free download on his site, because RADIOHEAD likes to do that. [Gigwise, NME]

But they don’t like fur: Apparently BURBERRY makes more than just expensive plaid — they also make clothes using real fur. And apparently many indie rock bands don’t like this Furberry fiasco and have made their opinions known. LOS CAMPESINOS!, ART BRUT and aptly named groups like SUPER FURRY ANIMALS and THE WOMBATS are among the bands that have signed a PETA petition, and some musicians have released statements decrying the abuse of our furry friends by the label. Maybe they’ve all been watching too much Shiba Inu Puppy Cam. [NME]

Can you guess which indie band recently cried wolf?

Wolf Parade fans will believe in anything: The Internet was buzzing with rumors this weekend that WOLF PARADE guitarist DANTE DECARO would be leaving the group. But then their label SUB POP announced yesterday that it was just a joke. Can someone explain to us how that’s funny? [Pitchfork]

Michael Stipe = Keanan Dufty?: R.E.M. frontman MICHAEL STIPE has been commissioned to design LACOSTE’s Holiday Collector’s Series polo shirt this year. The design revolves around a blown-up photo of crazed fans from a performer’s perspective. It comes in four colors and is apparently a “monumental” concept worth 150 Euros, but it looks like something from Urban Outfitters to us. [Lacoste]

Jones planning to electrify: Rapper JIM JONES is set to remix MGMT’s “ELECTRIC FEEL” after deciding that it “would be crazy” and having the band agree that, “Yeah, that would be crazy.” Have collaborations always been this easy? Jones will join KATY PERRY and JUSTICE as musicians who have remixed the trippy song, and it will appear on his upcoming album PRAY IV REIGN. [HipHop DX]