Quote of the Day: The Onion Pits KFC vs. The FCC

“At no point should these commercials depict persons willfully placing KFC items anywhere within the designated ‘eating zone,'” said Copps, referring to the federally defined area extending in an 8-inch radius around the mouth. “Nor should individuals be seen manipulating the chicken in a manner that may bring it into contact with their lower facial region, or the lower facial region of a child or companion animal. In fact, children under the age of 8 are not allowed to appear in the ads in any form.”

The Onion imagines a world where KFC is no longer to use the word “eat” in their ads thanks to the FCC. In all seriousness, fast food commercials would look a lot different if regulators were as strict with advertisers as they are filmmakers. Also, did you see these “Unthink” TV spots they recently did where a dancing lady wildly waves some drumsticks in the air? The tagline: “It’s time unthink how you got your grill on?” Heh.