Ghosts, Goats, and the Open Road: Fiesta Movement Mission No. 1


Last month officially kicked off the Fiesta Movement, a nationwide initiative introducing the 2011 Ford Fiesta to the US one car at a time. Along with 99 other carefully chosen “agents,” I received my vehicle for a six-month test drive, and selected the first of the monthly missions we would each be undertaking. My choice: “Start in the heart of your city, show us how loud it is, travel mile by mile, until you find a little peace and quiet.” Along with fellow Flavorpillers Leah, Andy, and Cassidy, I took this directive to heart, heading upstate to encounter giant hogs, a secluded waterfall, and the Headless Horseman. We caught the whole thing on video, and you can check it all out after the jump.

All in all, the car handled remarkably well, although that didn’t stop us from getting lost in the wilds around Woodstock. The only things we were bummed about were the video camera running out of batteries on the farm, and the phenomenally bearded old man who waylaid us with the entire history of the Headless Horseman bridge, and then refused to sign a waiver allowing us to use the footage.

We also visited the Retro Arcade museum in Beacon, NY, where the low light wasn’t great for filming, but the ’70s-era games on hand were well worth the price of admission. (You can catch a glimpse of the incredibly difficult “Road Test” game at the beginning of the video. Kudos to Andy for besting everyone else at this, along with pretty much every other game.)

And for the record, I do actually know the difference between a goat and a cow. At least, I do now.

Stay tuned for Mission Video No. 2 in the next few weeks, in which Flavorpill HQ will be infiltrated by robots. Or possibly just one robot. Either way, it will be far more fun than Transformers.