Tony Bennett’s Nude Drawings of Lady Gaga Forthcoming in Vanity Fair


Lady Gaga’s much talked about Thanksgiving special, A Very Gaga Thanksgiving, was actually a pretty traditional, family-friendly affair, if the truth be told. In fact, probably the only remotely shocking moment was when the pop star announced that she had posed nude for her “Lady is a Tramp” partner Tony Bennett, at the suggestion of Annie Leibovitz, and that Bennett’s sketches of the event will appear in an issue of Vanity Fair next year. Gaga is certainly smitten with the classic standards legend, opening her special with the pair’s duet, and gushing over Bennett, “He’s so handsome. I feel terrible whenever his wife is around because he’s so charming and such a gentleman.” Bennett had only similarly sweet things to say, remarking that “She is the most beautiful person I ever met but there is something special about her,” and adding, “she might become America’s Picasso.” It’s almost as romantic as the time Jack sketched Rose. Sigh. Will you be rushing to the stands to peep this artistic collaboration, or have you already seen enough of Gaga’s shapely form?