See Margaret Atwood’s Own Illustrations From ‘In Other Worlds’


Kindle-owners, rejoice. We recently discovered that the e-book version (and only the e-book version, mind you) of Margaret Atwood’s newly released collection of short fiction and essays, In Other Worlds: SF and the Human Imagination , will also feature a handful of Atwood’s personal illustrations, from what appear to be varying points in her life. As might be expected, the acclaimed author’s drawings display the same amount of inventiveness and whimsy as much of her prose, if admittedly a little less raw talent. Click through to see a few of Atwood’s hand-drawn illustrations from the e-book version of In Other Worlds, and let us know if they make you want to go for the electronic fare, or if you still prefer paper.

From “Homelanding” — a fictional vignette about alien life.

From “Cryogenics” — a fictional dinner-table conversation about getting one’s head frozen.

One of the Peach Women of A’Aa, who appear in The Blind Assassin.

Blue Bunny, one of Margaret Atwood’s earliest superhero inventions.