Beautiful Color Photographs of Picasso Painting with Light


When we saw these amazing shots of Pablo Picasso’s light drawings, collected from LIFE, over at How to Be a Retronaut, we were — pardon our pun — dazzled. Creating these types of light paintings isn’t anything new, of course, and we’ve seen work much more technically impressive in recent years, but who better to work in such a representative, expressive form than the master of shape and color himself? His creations, though not precise by any means, are fiercely evocative, appearing as if bulbous sprites or glowing ghosts conjured easily from Picasso’s magical hands, and we see more than a flicker of the brilliant painter in the shining forms. Click through to see ten brilliant photographs of Picasso painting with light, and let us know which one you like best in the comments. All photos by Gjon Mili.