Chiconomics: The Rise and Fall of Some Terrible Trends


We reported last week on the death of Crunk, as symbolized by a new website encouraging those with too much oral bling to sell your gold teeth. The heady days of glammed-up, outrageous fast fashion are over, says the media, and the term recessionista has been coined and bandied about by pretty much every magazine in town. But its not only the glitzy and the trashy that are falling hard and fast — the heinous yet popular shoes, Crocs, have reportedly lost $22.4 million in the first quarter of this year, proving that there is a silver lining to these uncertain financial times.

The demise of Crocs got us thinking: what other terrible trends would we want to see banished to the proverbial fashion room 101? What other frightful fads would we gladly see extinguished by the financial firestorm? Find out after the jump.

Her first high heels- These come courtesy of Heelarious, who deal in soft faux-heels for baby girls up to 6 months. Of course, this seems only a natural given the increasingly blurred lines between childhood innocence and adult female sexuality, as wonderfully demonstrated by Miley Cyrus’ super-hot pre-pubescent sisters. We can only hope that the economic downturn takes them both out.

Name necklaces– Not an obvious choice, this. Made famous by Carrie Bradshaw in Sex And The City, and devastatingly popular during the show’s run, this eponymous piece of jewelery really ought to be relegated to the early noughties past, where it belongs. Put simply, if he can’t remember your name, you shouldn’t be seeing him.

Leggings– Perennially associated with the lithe-limbed likes of Lindsay Lohan, leggings are the trend that just won’t quit. Whilst we’re keen to make comparisons between different recessionstyles, we have rather low hopes for this one ever going away. Ditto onesies.

Geek glasses- By far the most a la mode trend that deserves obliteration, heavy-set glasses frames with clear lenses are so hip, they’re sold in highly-mainstream retailer Urban Outfitters . If you need to be convinced that this trend must face recession annihilation, just ask yourself: since when was it cool to pretend to have a physical deficiency?

So what are your most hated, fated trends of recent years? What hideous style blunders (men in short suits, provocative childrenswear) do you think need to crash and burn like the real estate market?