Masked Vintage Photo Collages by French Street Artists Leo & Pipo


French street artists Leo & Pipo certainly class up the joint. Most of their art revolves around paste-ups, the pair sneaking vintage black and white photos of finely dressed ladies and gentlemen into the streets of Paris, invoking a kind of nostalgia and bygone glamour. What we like even more, however, are the pair’s collages, which we’ve noticed more than once over on designer John Gall’s tumblr, Flim-Flam. Like any self-respecting street artists, Leo & Pipo are always masked in photographs or representations, and in these works, the two men seem to be re-making their own self-portraits over and over again, hiding the faces of others as if they were their own. Click through to see a few of our favorite collages by Leo & Pipo, and check out their flickr page to see their street art and even more. You can also buy their t-shirts here.