Visit Miranda July’s Craigslist-Reselling Store


We’ve heard of films and television shows, and even video games and operas being based off of books, but a store? That is a whole new kind of adaptation. The 6th Floor tells us that Miranda July, twee author and ever inventive artist has opened a new store, at Partner’s & Spade in SoHo, based on her new book, It Chooses You. The store, which bears the same name as July’s book, contains items that July bought off Craigslist, repackaged and is offering for sale at the same price. Though everything is sold out by now, we still think the idea is pretty wild. Click through to see a few photos of the items gleaned from Craigslist, and let us know what you think of the whole project in the comments.

Scrabble tiles, $40

Clown Needlepoint, $20

VHS tape of LA Story, $2

Japanese dolls, $20

Collection of 43 stolen oil paints, $4 each

Lucky pair of deer hooves given as a gift by a friend, $15