10 Awesome Animations Found in Very Unusual Places


Recently, we spotted Katy Beveridge‘s amazing bicycle wheel animation, where she channeled the zoetrope to turn her bike’s wheels into a delightful moving piece of art, over at Colossal. The work got us to thinking about other unusual spots for animations, whether built into turntables, sent down miniature tracks or painted frame by frame on city walls. As it turns out, you can turn almost anything into an animation. Click through to see our collection of animations in unusual places, and we bet that like us, you’ll start to see everything that moves with a new eye.

This crazy zoetrope on a bicycle was created by Katy Beveridge as part of her 3rd year dissertation project at CSM in London.

Visual artist Reuben Sutherland‘s turntable zoetrope. He pretty much DJs with images. See more here.

An ingenious use of balloons and a track — but only usable once. Created by MTV. [via]

Blu’s famous animation MUTO, painted on the walls of Buenos Aires.

Another zoetrope on a turntable — the “phonotrope.” [via]

“Alimation” by Alexandre Dubosc, an edible zoetrope animation. [via]

“Streets Against the War,” shot on 294 walls in four Turkish cities. [via]

Beveridge mentioned Tim Wheatley’s Cyclotrope as an influence for her own bicycle wheel animation. [via]

Johan Rijpma organized thousands of photographs of the street to simulate movement when shown in sequence. The only question is, where is he going? [via]

And of course, the first-ever animated tattoo!